Planning Division

Mission Statement

The Planning Division is responsible for long-range planning and administering the City's Land Development Regulations.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Planning Division is responsible for both long-range and short-range planning functions, as well as, development review coordination. Planning maintains and updates the City's Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Regulations. All development plans are reviewed to assure conformity with these two guiding documents. Assistance is available in the Planning office, by telephone, email, or in person. Applications submitted for consideration are, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial & Multi-Family Site Plans and Subdivision Review
  • Plat plans for Technical Review Committee approval
  • Future Land Use Amendments, Annexations, Special Exceptions, Variance, and Zoning Changes for Planning Board approval
  • Certificate of Appropriateness for historic resources

Attention Developers

Volusia County Development Engineering has implemented changes to the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Methodology submittal requirements. Below are the most notable changes you should be aware of when submitting applications. 

  • A Preliminary Conceptual Plan Must be Submitted to Volusia County Development Engineering.
    • A preliminary conceptual plan must now be coordinated prior to submitting the methodology. Also, the methodology needs to include and be based on the approved plan. If the project will need a county use permit, please coordinate conceptual plans with the county early in the process.
  • The developer must submit the TIA and TIA Methodology through the County Use Permit Application.
    • A county use permit application is required to submit a project's use permit plans, as well as other materials including conceptual plans, methodologies, TIAs, responses to comments, and TIA required files. The project's same use permit will remain open until the project is approved.

For the full process, view Volusia County TIA PFS and IF Credit Processes (PDF).


Pre-Application Meeting Request

The Pre-Application Meeting Request is now available on the Accela Citizen Portal!

Register for an account under New Users (Accela Account Creation Instruction Sheet - ADA (PDF)). Choose the Planning tab, then select Record Type. Complete the request. Note: When entering an address for Step 1, enter the parcel number first, and when found, enter the street number (or 0 if no street number) and street name. Once the request is received in the system, a Senior Planner will be assigned. The Senior Planner will contact you to set up an available date and time.

DeLand Planning Maps

Click the images below to expand to view, download or print

For zoning information, refer to Zoning Category Summaries.

For future land use information, refer to Future Land Use Map below and Designations.

‍As data may sometimes change, please contact the City of DeLand Planning Division at or 386-626-7014 to verify the current zoning or land use designation of a property.

City Limits_Image
Greenway Map_Image
Zoning Map_Image
Historic Reference_Image
Future Land Use Map_Image
Gateway Corridor Map_Image


All maps provided are graphic representations and are not intended to be used for any engineering or surveying purposes. These maps are for informational purposes only; and the City of DeLand is not liable for any decisions made on the basis of these maps or on the information contained within the maps. All data used is the property of its respective owner(s).