Accela Planning Application Instructions


The Accela Citizen Portal is the City of DeLand application and permit system, which includes development applications.

Pre-Application Meetings

Pre-Application meetings are highly encouraged for all planning applications. 

Pre-Application meetings are only held Wednesday mornings at City Hall, first come, first served with the available time slots of 9:00am, 10:00am, and 11:00am. A request for a Pre-Application meeting must be made by noon the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

You will need to register for an account on our Accela Citizen Portal, before you can set up a Pre-Application meeting or submit a planning application.

If you are new to Accela, and need assistance setting up your account you can use the Accela Application Instruction Sheet (PDF)

Once you have an account set up and request a Pre-Application meeting using Accela, Staff will contact you to set up an available date and time.

Planning & Development Applications

You can access the Planning Application Instructions (PDF) sheet for instructions on how to register your account and how to apply for a planning application.

To search for an application, with or without an account, or for a specific attachment you can follow the  Accela 'Search' tool Instructions (PDF).

If you need assistance with completing your tree worksheet for you project submittal, you can use the Completing Tree Worksheets Instructions (PDF)

If you need to make a payment, please refer to How to make a payment Instructions (PDF)

If you plan to submit a project submittal, please refer to the list of all the Planning Applications and Required Documents (PDF) to ensure you submit a full and complete submittal for review.

The Planning Record Types (PDF) document describes the various Land Development applications processed by the DeLand Planning Division. For additional information, see the Land Development Regulations.

View application schedules and fees.