DeLand Digital History Tour

In celebration of National Historic Preservation Month, the city has launched its first-ever Digital History Tour. 

Having been founded in 1882, there is a ton of history in DeLand, and we're here to make it easier than ever to experience it. 

Below you will find a map of some of the many different historic sites in DeLand, but this is just a tip of the iceberg! We've also featured all of the sites on this page as well in the slideshow below so you can learn about each location. 

So whether you're visiting DeLand or simply looking to spend some of your free time exploring our wonderful town, we hope these resources make it a little easier for you!

Take Our Tours

We have provided multiple ways to take a self-guided tour of our city and learn about some of the more historic sites!

  • Explore our city from the comfort of your home - wherever that is! We have created a virtual tour with Google Earth. Click on each site to learn about the history: DeLand Digital History Tour via Google Earth
  • Hop in the car and turn on the GPS! Use our Google Map (found below or via the link) to find where you want to visit: DeLand Digital History Tour via Google Maps
  • Don't have time for all of that? Simply scroll down further on this page to our slideshow depicting drawings of all of the sites on our digital tour along with a brief description on their histories.

West Volusia Historical Society Tours

The City of DeLand is a proud partner with the West Volusia Historical Society, which also offers guided walking tours and historic bus tours. Advanced reservations are required. 

To learn more about the tours offered by the West Volusia Historical Society, go to

Featured locations on our digital tour

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