Water & Sewer Connections

Verification Request Form



         If available, you can convert your existing residential well over to our potable water and sewer system, but there are several fees and requirements you will need to meet.


  • Set fees
    1. Application fees
      • Residential Existing $30
      • Residential New Construction $35
      • Commercial $50
    2. Covenant Processing fee
      • $110
  • Variable fees
    1. Impact fees: Calculated by fixture units
    2. Meter cost: dependent on meter size
    3. Extension fees (if applies) determined by utilities upon verification
    4. Connection from potable meter/sewer lateral to home
    5. Cost to abandon and cap well (if abandoning)
    6. Cost of county and/or Department of Health Permit

Thing to consider

  • You must pay all connection fees prior to your meter installation.
  • You must contact utilities at 386-626-7177 after you have plumbed the lines and are ready for the meter to be installed. You must decide whether or not you are going to abandon your well or septic.

The process for connection

  1. Submit the verification request and wait to hear back from us (call 386-626-7007 with any questions).
  2. Decide based on cost and availability if you are going to connect.
    1. The following information will be required for connection
      1. Property owner information and contact
      2. Property deed (Corporate resolution if owned by a corporation)
      3. Disposition of well form
  3. Find a licensed plumber.
    1. Contact several licensed plumbers to obtain a cost estimate for all on-site activities.
    2. Check out Volusia County Connect Live to help you find one.
  4. Office staff will draft a covenant if going to connect.
  5. Come in to office to pay fees/sign covenant.
  6. Install plumbing lines and contact utilities for meter.


Department of Health (DOH) and Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) requirements. Volusia County contractors licensing.