Park Rules & Regulations

Park Hours

  • Open: 30 Minutes Prior to Sunrise
  • Close: 30 Minutes Past Sunset

Activities Prohibited in Parks

  • Sleeping or reclining on a park bench or table
  • Sleeping anytime during hours from sunset to sunrise
  • Cooking allowed only in facilities provided by the City
  • No fires, except for cooking in designated facilities
  • Digging holes or disturbing the natural ground surface
  • Picking of flowers or damaging or removing plants, shrubs or trees
  • No signs allowed in park except those approved by the parks director
  • Driving or putting of golf balls or shooting an arrow except as approved by the parks director
  • Killing injuring, harming, capturing or chasing any wildlife upon park grounds
  • Writing on, drawing on, or defacing any park facility
  • Riding of bicycles or other vehicles on trails or sidewalks
  • Using skateboards on park sidewalks parking lots or trails
  • Using public restrooms to shave or shower
  • Bathing, swimming or wading in park lakes
  • Discharging human waste except in toilets provided by the City
  • Selling, purchasing, offering for sale, possessing or consuming controlled substances or alcoholic beverages
  • Operating any unauthorized vehicles on park property
  • Pet owners are responsible for the clean up of their animal's waste; pets must be leashed; pets are not allowed inside any playground area
  • There are no inflatable devices permitted in the parks


Violators may be fined up to $1,000 and/or imprisoned for up to one year.