Billing Information

The rate structure for utility accounts is made up of three categories: base facility fees, billing charge and consumption charge. The base facility fee and billing charges are fixed charges that are billed monthly regardless of occupancy. The consumption charge varies depending on the amount of water registered on your meter.

If you reside within the City limits, garbage collection services are provided. The fees for this service appear on your monthly utility bill. The City has contracted with Waste Corporation of America to provide this service. If you reside within the City limits, stormwater fees are assessed to maintain and improve public stormwater facilities. These fees are not used to maintain privately owned stormwater systems on commercial property or retention systems owned by subdivision homeowner associations. The rate structure assesses fees for developed property based on the square footage of all impervious areas on the property. Undeveloped properties are not billed for stormwater. The fees are billed on your monthly utility bill with the exception of those properties that are leased or rented. In those cases, stormwater fees are billed annually to the owner of the property.

Monthly utility bills are due twenty-one days from the billing date and become delinquent twenty-seven days from the billing date. On the twenty-seventh day, the City will discontinue service until all delinquent fess have been paid in full. Any utility bill for a property owner, which remains unpaid after ninety days from billing, becomes a lien against the property. Any utility bill for a tenant account, which remains unpaid after ninety days from billing, is submitted to an outside collection agency.


  • Payments can be made in person on the first floor of City Hall at 120 South Florida Avenue, DeLand, FL - Monday through Friday (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.).
  • Drop boxes are located near the entrance of City Hall, south of City Hall at the rear of the Fire Department and in the Customer Service lobby on the first floor of City Hall
  • Payments can be mailed to City of DeLand, P.O. Box 2919, DeLand, FL 32721-2919
  • Payments can be made by phone using MasterCard, VISA or check by calling 386-626-7051
  • Payments can be made on the internet using MasterCard, VISA. View the online utility bill payments.
  • Automatic bank payment is available by completing the authorization form. Click here to download the form.

Returned Payments

A charge will be assessed for any returned payment in accordance with Florida State Statue 68.065. A 24-hour notice is provided to satisfy the returned payment and related charges prior to disconnection of service. This notice is provided on the first returned payment only. Subsequent returned payments will result in immediate disconnection of service without notice. Delinquent fees apply. Once service has been disconnected for a returned payment, the full balance on the account must be paid including any fees.

Late Charges

A $10 late fee will be added to your account if your payment does not reach our office by 8 am on the day after the due date indicated on the front of your bill. The City does not recognize the postmark date as the date of payment.

Payment Extensions

The City offers one payment extension per twelve months to all Utility Billing customers. If eligible the extension would give the customer two weeks from the due date that appears on the bill to pay the amount due. If payment is not received by the agreed upon date service will be disconnected and a $50 fee will be added to the balance due. The past due balance and $50 fee must be paid in full before reconnection of service.

Delinquent Charges / Turn-Offs

All accounts 13 days past due will receive a $50.00 delinquent fee and are subject to disconnection. Once service has been disconnected, the total amount due on your account, including any late or delinquent charges, and excluding any charges that have not reached their scheduled due date, must be paid in full by 4 pm for same day reconnection. Payments received after 4 pm will be reconnected the next business day or will be assessed an additional fee for same day reconnection.

Non-Receipt of Utility Bill

In the event that you do not receive your utility bill, please contact Customer Service at 386-626-7051. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the customer from payment obligation nor charges for late or delinquent payments.


Per Florida Statute 159.17, unpaid balances billed to property owners constitute a lien against the property. The City also files paper liens against the property to further document the lien. Once a lien is place on a property it will start to accrue lien interest until paid in full. Additional fees apply.

Water Meters

Meters are read via radio signal and can be read from a mile or more away. It is not necessary for service personnel to physically visit the property to read the meter. Meters are read approximately every 30 days. Reading dates may vary due to holidays, weekends, severe weather or other unusual conditions. Meters measure water used in gallons. For billing purposes, readings are rounded downward and consumption is billed in whole thousands of gallons. Sewer charges are based on water consumption.

Meter Tampering

Customers are responsible for the meters on their accounts. Unauthorized access to water or damage to equipment will result in a meter tampering fee of $200 plus equipment replacement costs and labor charges.


Customers who are tenants are required to place a deposit on all new accounts. The Utility Account Application/Change Form must be completed. Deposits are returned as a credit on the account after a period of three years of good standing. Multiple delinquencies on an account will result in additional deposit requirements. Download the Utility Account Application - Change Form (PDF).

Change of Address

It is the customer's responsibility to notify the City of any mailing address changes. If your mailing address has changed, please contact Customer Service at 386-626-7051 with the proper information. Any utility changes must be confirmed in writing either by letter, fax or visiting our office during normal business hours.

Contact Information

The City will attempt to notify customers of payment due dates via telephone. It is the customer's responsibility to update their contact information with the City. The City will make every attempt to contact customers with the information provided but cannot guarantee that calls will be received.

Going Green Incentives

Customers who choose to receive bills via the internet and choose not to receive a paper bill receive a $1 credit each month on their bill. Customers who choose not to receive a paper bill and also sign up for Automatic Bank Payment receive an additional $1 credit each month on their bill. In order to receive any incentives, you must be signed up to not receive a paper bill. Contact Customer Service at 386-626-7051 for more information. Click here go to the Automatic Bank Payment form.

How to contact us:

For questions or to report a billing issue, Utility Billing/Customer Service at

120 South Florida Avenue
Phone: 386-626-7051
Fax: 386-626-7137

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