Business Applications - Annual Fire Safety Permits

All businesses are required to have an inspection on a regular basis by the City of DeLand Fire Department. Assessments as to the frequency of inspections will be made by utilizing permitting, compliance, on site, and any other information provided or obtained. Each inspection will vary on time based on the number of buildings, building stories, type of business, number and types of fire systems, and hazards present. The time may also vary based on the number, if any, of violations present at the time of the inspection. A deficiency notice will be provided, if necessary, within a timely manner along with the time frame for reinspection. 

Business Tax/Fire Permits

Each business requires a Business Tax/Fire Permit. This is applied for and renewed each year online at our Accela Citizen Portal. You will need to set up an account and either apply directly through the account or contact the Building Department to have your existing records linked to your account. All fire permit and inspection fees will be charged via this permit as set in the current Fire Prevention Fee ResolutionBlocked Emergency Exit

Minimum required documents to submit with your application include, but are not limited to:

  • Sketch of existing floor plan.
  • Sketch of proposed floor plan.
  • Document listing all renovations and alterations to the structural components of the building, non-structural wall or partition additions, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire system, signage, or any other relevant internal or external building modifications.
  • Copy of all applicable state licenses. If inspection is required to receive a state license, we will need a copy of the application submitted to the State for licensing.
  • Building Owner emergency contact information.
  • Secondary emergency contact information.
  • Suite/Unit number for business. An incomplete or incorrect address provided will delay the process.

For minimum required items to inspect, please see the Business Inspection Checklist

State Inspections

All state inspections are required to be performed on an annual basis. The inspection must be performed and compliant, contact information provided and up-to-date, maximum units indicated for licensure (persons, beds, etc.), all systems updated and compliant in The Compliance Engine, have an active Business Tax/Fire Permit, up-to-date fire drill logs and generator logs if applicable, and a Fire Safety Plan must be submitted and approved. Once the requirements have been met, the state form for schools and daycares should be submitted to the office, filled out, via email at Upon completion, the form will be submitted to the State and a copy returned to the customer. If a Fire Verification Letter is requested for the State, it should be known that this is completed in the compliant inspection report and a separate letter will not typically be provided.

Fire Safety Plan

The Fire Safety Plan is a comprehensive report which encompasses many aspects including, but not limited to, the designated persons responsible for and within the fire prevention program, methods for practice and education of the emergency plan and changes, updated pre-fire construction plans, training, fire protection systems, self-inspection programs, evacuation procedures and routes, information on evacuation sites, any site security, maintained means of egress, fire-fighting equipment, and all other aspects as outlined in the current NFPA 1 handbook and any other current codes related.

Although a Fire Safety Plan is not required to be submitted for every business, it is recommended to keep this plan as up-to-date as possible, provide continuous training to employees, the public, and residents, and share applicable plans with the Fire Department for the optimum safety of the public and residents, your business, and the Fire Department personnel.

The Compliance Engine

The City of DeLand Fire Department has instituted a process for service providers who inspect and test fire protection systems. This process became effective 5/1/2020 and all compliant and non-compliant fire protection system test reports are required to be submitted to the City of DeLand electronically by the service provider via The Compliance Engine. Technical assistance with utilizing this system can be obtained by contacting 630-413-9511. There is no fee for the provider to register and a nominal fee is due at time of filing by the provider. Once the provider is registered, pricing is viewable under the AHJ icon within The Compliance Engine.

Service Provider Information - The Compliance Engine

Inspection Extension Requests For Violations

If additional time is needed for corrections, please contact the office to discuss this with the inspector. As the inspectors may not be present or available in the office every day, please submit your request via email to with your contact information so that the inspector may review the request and discuss this with you when all parties are available. The extensions request would need to include the property address, suite/unit number if applicable, name of the business, contact information, violation for which the extension is being requested, a brief explanation as to why an extension is being requested, and the amount of additional time desired. Please understand that it is our intention to be accommodating; however, there are circumstances in which extensions are not in the best interests of the public as it pertains to life safety.